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DigitalSpy Interview with Ophelia Lovibond

While it would be amazing to see many more incompetent adventures of the Way Ahead Task Force and Perfect Curve, it seems not everything is built to last.

W1A finally returns to our screens this evening (September 18), though star Ophelia Lovibond – who plays Izzy Gould – has backed up series creator John Morton’s hint that it will end after the new series.

“I haven’t spoken to John about it, but I think it’s just such hard work,” she told Digital Spy.

“There was a bit of a gap between the second and third series, because it does take a long time to put it all together. We all love doing it, but we got the vague sense that it was the last one [while filming].”

Over the past two series, one of the best things about the show has been the hilarious meaningless media-speak and perfectly timed one liners.

Lovibond revealed that pretty much every aspect is scripted beforehand – as opposed to improvised – which can make it tricky to learn.

“It is tricky, yeah, because every single ‘Mmm’ and every hesitation is written – it’s specific like that, because it is like a musical score,” she continued.

“It’s got a very particular dynamic to it and if you waver from that, it sounds off-key. It doesn’t sound right. So in terms of learning it, yeah, it is the hardest thing I’ve had to learn, because it’s so, so specific.

“We all do drill the lines again and again. It’s almost like a drinking game – someone’s under pressure and they know what they need to do but they panic and it goes wrong and you have to start again… the pressure of it can make you seize up a little bit.”

However, Lovibond did admit that they corpse a lot: “Oh my God, it’s so hard. Hugh Skinner has just got funny bones – he is so, so talented and it is really hard. As soon as John [Morton] calls cut, I laugh.

“Under the bits where David Tennant’s narrating, that’s the only point at which John gives us licence to ad-lib and when Hugh Skinner ad-libs, it’s just… it’s not fair!

“I’m not really one for corpsing – most of the time, I’m like, ‘God, what’s wrong with me? I must have a black heart!’ – but on W1A, they got me.”

Source: DigitalSpy